Nan Lu | Schaplowsky-E.

TCM: A Woman’s Guide to Hormone-Free Menopause

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  • ISBN: 9780984550807
  • 2010, 390 pages


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Learn about time-tested healing practices that offer a natural, effective hormone-free transition.
Practice seven steps to self-healing.
See how strengthening Qi, your own life force, can increase your self-healing ability.
Recognize how your body communicates with you through symptoms that signal imbalances you must pay attention to.
Understand how your body, mind and spirit are designed to work as a whole for optimum health.
Learn how to use secret energy gates to stimulate your own healing energy to go through the menopause years without hormones.
Traditional Chinese Medicine has successfully treated menopausal symptoms for thousands of years and continues to do so even today.
It recognizes that menopause offers a natural transition that allows women to take advantage of one of life’s greatest healing opportunities.
Nan Lu, OMD, trained in the principles, theories and technical practices of this ancient medical system, now shares his many stories of helping women unlock their own inner healing ability to make this successful transition.

Discover for yourself:
How TCM can help you avoid the hormone dilemma.
How TCM can help women suffering from chemically induced menopause.
Symptoms of organ imbalances you should take seriously.
Energy movements for stress reduction and physical well-being.
Special herbs and foods that can support you through menopause.
How to relieve hot flashes, digestive problems, vaginal dryness, and more.
How to prevent most postmenopausal health conditions.