TCM – The Rising Star in Sports Medicine! (DVD)

  • 2012, 1 DVD, 50 min.


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An introduction lecture by Dr. Frank He about TCM in Sports Medicine at the ASA Kongress 2012.
Frank He presents a TCM Toolbox for sports medicine including acupuncture, herbs, tapes and more. Acupuncture is getting more popular in sports medicine.
This introduction presentation is about TCM in sports medicine. He presents why acupuncture can help patients better.
He shows how to relieve physical pain, muscle fatigue, repairs damaged tissues, accelerate injury healing (20-50% faster), improved blood circulation, prevents micro-tears of tissues and manages physiological stress. He will show you how he helped athletes by showing case studies especially with the muscle channel technique (MCT), which is easy to learn and shows fast result. He introduces the MCT by showing pictures, description of the pain and is explaining how he is treating the patients.
He also talks about the psychological aspects. He describes where he needles which points and how he manipulates the needle (needling technique).
There is also another video where Dr. He explains the MCT technique much more in detail and how to adapt this technique to other symptoms.
But this video gives you a good impression on this technique especially targeted for athletes.

ASA Kongress 2012, DVD, 50 min., English.