Nigel Wiseman | Ellis-A. | Jiao-ShuDe

Ten Lectures on the Use of Medicinals

from the personal experience of Jiao Shu-De

  • ISBN: 9783912111620
  • 2002, 608 pages


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From the Personal Experience of JSD.
Translated by Craig Mitchell, Marnae Ergil and Shelley Ochs.
Edited by Nigel Wiseman and Andrew Ellis.
This new addition to the series, gives practitioners and students of Chinese medicine an unprecedented opportunity to learn from the vast clinical experience of one of China’s most senior, widely known and respected traditional physicians. Ten Lectures on the Use of Chinese Medicinals from the Personal Experience of Jiao Shu-De presents information drawn from the wealth of experience – over 60 years – of Dr Shu-De, with much not previously available in current English language texts. Features: 300 Chinese medicinal herb substances are discussed in practical terms.
Each section begins with basic information about a given substance, i.e. taste, temperature and entering channels, followed by functions and indications for the substance.




Nigel Wiseman

Nigel Wiseman

Nigel Wiseman was born in the UK, studied Spanish and German at the Heriott-Watt University in Edinburgh, subsequently working as a French-English translator in Belgium while learning Chinese. He holds a doctorate in Complementary Health Sciences from Exeter University, and is the author and translator of a prodigious body of…