The 28 aspects of life care (DVD)

Dao Yin, Qi Gong, Acupuncture

  • ISBN: 978V22059
  • 2010, 2 DVDs, 360 min.


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Life is nourished, cultivated, maintained in this very moment!
This lecture by Alex Tiberi will focus on the techniques of health cultivation in Chinese Medicine with particular emphasis on classical teachings from the great philosophical traditions of China including Daoism, Confucianism, Legalism, and Buddhism.
The twenty eight aspects of nourishing life enumerated by Chinese medicine will be presented, with emphasis on six areas: diet and herbs for longevity, longevity elixirs, dao yin and qi gung, acupuncture, and techniques of the bedroom. Diet includes well regulated eating as well as the special health invigorating foods (e.g. pine nuts, honey, mushrooms, and sesame seeds. Herbs are those nontoxic (heavenly) herbs that can be used either routinely such as Tian Men Dong and those that are taken seasonally such as Xia Ku Cao for cleansing in the spring. Elixers are the alchemical use of more toxic substances such as heavy metals for developing the enlightened state of an immortal. Dao Yin and Qi Gung are the use of breath and qi in techniques of inner alchemy to refine the essence (jing). Acupuncture (and moxabustion) will include prescription to promote strength, resist disease, delay the effects of aging and promote longevity.
Techniques of the bedroom are the use of sex for health, and will include discussion of specific postures for treating disease, correct foreplay for cultivating the jing, herbs for enhancing performance and pleasure, treatment of sexual dysfunction, etc.

TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2010, 2 DVDs, 360 min., English.
German title: Die 28 Aspekte zur Lebenspflege.