Rani Ayal

The Creation of Life, Treating Female and Male infertility (DVD)

Through the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

  • 2012, DVD, whole day


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Aus der Einführung from the introduction:
In a woman of two times seven years, fertility arrives.
Ren mai functions fully while the powerful Chong mai rises in power. The menses flow downward in their time and she bears children.
The Qi Jing Ba Mai, or 8 extraordinary meridians, constitute the framework for that most elusive source of life itself: the constant interaction of Shen and Jing, from the moment of conception until the last breath of life. This framework can best be understood through the Chinese depiction of Early Heaven – the Ba Gua trigram arrangement according to Fu Xi.

In this seminar we will be exploring the framework of the Extra Meridians creating the very beginning of life – the dynamics of conception and pregnancy, the pathogenesis of infertility and recurrent abortions, and the treatment of common imbalances. The seminar will include body and pulse diagnosis techniques that are unique to the eight extraordinary meridians, point energetics, internal pathways and connections between meridians, and clinical examples for the use of specific treatment protocols.

TCM-Kongress Rothenburg 2012,
2 DVDs, englisch.


Rani Ayal

Rani Ayal

Rani Ayal has been practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine for over twenty years. Initially trained in Japan in Shiatsu and Meridian style Acupuncture, Ayal later returned to Israel to complete his studies in TCM acupuncture and herbal therapy. Rani then continued his training in Classical Chinese Medicine, Five Elements and…

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