The Fundamentals of Acupuncture

Foreword by Charles Buck

  • ISBN: 9781848193130
  • 2016, 592 pages


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This accessible textbook explains the basic foundations and principles of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
It comes with over 70 illustrations and covers the theories of yin and yang, the five phases, the physiology of the body, the internal organs, the channel system, acupuncture point categories, the point functions and indications, needling techniques and aetiological factors. Authoritative, yet readable, this is a vital addition to the shelves of all students of Chinese medicine.

About the author:
Nigel Ching has been trained in England and is a lecturer in Chinese Medicine and also a course director at the Nordisk Akupunktur Uddannelse, Denmark. With over 25 years of clinical experience, Nigel has published three textbooks in Danish.