The Gentle Needle (online video)

How to Treat Children

  • ISBN: 978S23964
  • 2006, online video, 139 min.



Julian Scott?s online video about The Gentle Needle includes an introduction to needle technique, based on a child-friendly technique.

tonifying and dispersing

  • directing Qi
  • description of Xu and Shi children
  • practical advice on how to cope with children crying
  • Chapter headings
    Part 1
    Introduction, Needle technique, Locating the points, Inserting the Needle, Arrival of Qi, Tonification and dispersion, Moving the Qi

    Part 2
    Retaining the needle – closing the hole, Using Moxa on children, Other techniques, Hyoperactive – Nervous and Frightenend Children, Clips of Treatments.

    online video, 139 min., English.




    Julian Scott studierte Akupunktur am International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM), später in China. Danach folgte eine intensive Beschäftigung mit der Chinesischen Quellenliteratur. 1984 gründete er die Children´s Clinic for Natural Therapies in Brighton. Julian Scott ist ein international bekannter Lehrer und Dozent. Er hat in vielen Ländern der Welt…

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