The Metal Constitution and Taiyin and Yangming Temperaments (DVD)

  • 2011, DVD 130 min.


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The Metal Constitution and Taiyin and Yangming Temperaments is a lecture by Montakab at the 5. ASA TCM Mongress 2011. Montakab provides a very practical presentation about metal constitution. Montakab, a professional therapist and experienced teacher brings a clear insight of the system of the metal type. He starts with some definitions of the constitution/temperament and ancestral energy and related concepts in the TCM. He gives an excellent TCM targeted insight where the temperament comes from. He presents the six energy levels, compares tai yang and shao yin and the impact on the individual person. Then he describes diagnosis and therapeutical patterns of the metal constitution type. He describes metal constitution types very detailed, hands, behavior, dress codes with pictures and excellent examples. Later on he talks about different treatments for blocked yang ming and how to mobilize it. You will learn special points to move yang ming and other energetic points as well as points which help to express feelings, points to compensate with food.
After the theoretical part you will see two detailed case studies. In total you find a lot of valuable TCM related content about the metal person and its emotions and how to bring this person in balance.

online video, 130 min., english