The use of essential oils in Chinese medicine (DVD)

Gateway to shen

  • 2018, 2 DVD, über 5 Std./ over 5 hrs.


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This DVD presented by Peter Holmes is grounded on many years of clinical experience, essential oils are proving invaluable for treating complex or difficult conditions, and for resolving chronic, stubborn energetic blocks.
Essential oils can more easily access the shen than needles, herbs or foods, and can create very positive shifts in treatment outcome when emotional disharmony is present – as is often the case.
Although not a traditional modality of treatment, the use of essential oils in Chinese medicine, and on acupuncture points in particular, represents an extremely useful, timely and safe treatment tool for the practitioner.
Using essential oils with points has the added benefit of being well received by children and the elderly, and patients afraid or intolerant of needles. It therefore represents a good alternative to acupuncture in many cases.
Key to the successful usage of essential oils in practice depends on understanding their energetic functions and matching them to corresponding point actions.
Essential oils quality is an important issue for good, consistent and safe results, and especially for treating shen aspects of disharmony.
English + translation in German