Yin-Ganglin | Fu-Di

Three Needle Technique

Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine

  • ISBN: 9783971946003
  • 2002, 211 pages


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This book by Ganglin Yin and Di Fu outlines the San Zhen Therapy, or three needle therapy, the selection of only three acupoints as a group, which is becoming an increasingly popular method of acupuncture therapy in China.
Three Needle Therapy is thought to produce more dramatic effects in one session, and the number three is considered to have very strong balancing effects. The text is organized into San Zhen Therapy according to 14 point locations (including the temple, eye region, nose, ear, foot, hand, ankle and shoulder) and also by 100 conditions (including sore throat, migraine, influenza, high fever, disturbed sleep, asthma, shortness of breath, constipation, dysmenorrhea, and regulating blood pressure).
Detailed illustrations (most including the skeleton) show the details of each acupoint for every location and condition, making this a very clear and useful text for student or practitioner.