Treating cancer in CM research and results (DVD)

  • 2012, 1 DVD, 30 min.


Delivery time: ca. 1 - 3 days


Treating cancer in CM research and results
The lecture will present a new scientific methodology which shows that a complex Chinese herbal formula (LCS101), which has been given in a randomized controlled trial to breast cancer patients during chemotherapy, reduced hematological toxicity (Anemia, Leukopenia, Neutropenia) and shows a multifaceted effect on many systems. Thus the same formula effects the immune system, protects against the side effects of chemotherapy but in the same time has an anticancer effect.
The original scientific approach and its results may create a new horizon for the future of Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer.

TAO-Kongress 2012
1 DVD, 30 min., engl.