Tui Na

A manual of Chinese massage therapy (Tuina)

  • ISBN: 9781848192690
  • 2015, 189 pages


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Tui na manual – easy to use

This Chinese Massage Manual gives you an easy to understand and complete introduction to the principles and practice of Tui na (also tuina).

High quality pictures

The text is good-illustrated with high quality photographs and supports you with detailed descriptions of treatment routines and techniques. For students and practitioners.

With this book you can begin to practice and apply the Tui na techniques with confidence. This tuina manual covers all of the techniques, from the basic techniques, compound techniques and most commonly applied techniques through to passive movements.

Written for students of Chinese and other massage techniques, also complete novices, the author provides an accessible explanation of the fundamental theory with 20 basic techniques and the methods of treating common ailments.