Li Jiang Shan

Tuina/Massage Manipulations

Basic Principles and Techniques

  • ISBN: 9781848190580
  • 2011, 112 pages


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Tuina, also known as Chinese massage, is one of the cornerstones of Chinese medicine.
This comprehensive introduction is written with the needs of the student and beginning practitioner in mind, and covers all the basic principles of the manipulation techniques required to practice Tuina. As manipulations are the primary method of carrying out treatment, they are a core component of the study of Tuina – they are also the most difficult skills to master.
The written and illustrated text is therefore accompanied by a 40 minute DVD demonstrating all the techniques in action, which is fully indexed for ease of use and quick reference.
The guide is divided into two parts. The first introduces the definitions, classifications, and requirements of each Tuina manipulation, as well as common media used in Tuina, and the rest of the book describes the main points, cautions, and clinical application of the most common adult manipulations.
The book begins by explaining the concept behind the different manipulations, then detailing chapter by chapter how each should be performed.
Every explanation is accompanied by a diagram, and the DVD demonstrates these methods in action and shows how to achieve the best results.
This book will be an essential learning tool for students, and handy reference for beginning practitioners.


Li Jiang Shan

Li Jiang Shan