Zhongxian Wu (Master Wu)

Xin Yi WuDao – Heart-Mind – The Dao of Martial Arts

Foreword by Grandmaster Zhao ShouRong

  • ISBN: 9781848192065
  • 2014, 144 pages


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In his unprecedented account of the way of martial arts, Master Zhongxian Wu explores WuDao through systematic instruction of select practices from the legendary Dai Family Style XinYi Martial Arts School. Traditional Chinese martial arts embody the richness and depth of Daoist philosophy, and their disciplined practice is an effective way to experience healing, internal alchemy and spiritual transformation.

XinYi martial arts, as with all traditional Chinese martial arts, build strength and stamina, and involve a process of inner cultivation that can bring practitioners closer to the Dao. The author examines and interprets the connections between Daoist numerology, the spirit of classical Chinese martial arts, and internal alchemy practices. With extensive reference to the classic texts, the book provides unique and considered guidance that will inspire and empower practitioners of all levels.
An authentic insight into the spiritual world of classical Chinese martial arts, this book is essential reading for practitioners of martial arts, NeiDan (internal alchemy), XinYi, Xingyi Quan, Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang, Qigong and Chinese medicine, as well as anyone interested in traditional Chinese culture.


Zhongxian Wu (Master Wu)

Zhongxian Wu (Master Wu)

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