J. Campbell

Acupuncture Channels and Points

  • ISBN: 9780729538664
  • 2008, 264 pages


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This easy to follow primer is suitable for beginning study of the acupuncture channels and points.
It features a concise layout, and includes unencumbered channel pathway and point locus drawings that have self-study and self-test iterations to help reinforce the learning process.
There is a case study example for each channel that assumes some knowledge of differential diagnosis, so clearly this feature is meant to dovetail with other materials and textbooks the student may be undertaking whilst memorizing the channel and point information.
(Answer keys are included in the back of the text.)


J. Campbell

J. Campbell

Dr. Joan Campbell RCD; ist eine integrative Gesundheitsfachkraft und zugelassene Ärztin, die sich auf Akupunktur spezialisiert hat und in ihrer eigenen, gut etablierten Arztpraxis in Auckland, Neuseeland, arbeitet.

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