Gemma D' Angelo

Abdominal and Umbilical Acupuncture

Clinical Experiences

  • ISBN: 9788832128802
  • 2019, 186 pages


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In this book Gemma D’Angelo introduces the reader to the theory and practise of Abdominal and Umbilical acupuncture describing her clinical experiences. Abdominal acupuncture is very interesting for its effectiveness in particular in treating joint disorders of the spine and limbs but also in treating neurological conditions associated with spinal nerve root compression that cause sciatica and radiculopathy. The author presents the treatment protocols and their different therapeutic effects in two sections; one that lists protocol treatments applicable to more than one condition and a second where the disorders are listed according to their clinical specialisation.



  1. A brief introduction to abdominal acupuncture
  2. Embryonic development of the Extraordinary Meridians
  3. Extraordinary Meridians
  4. Elements of embryology useful to abdominal acupuncture
  5. Fundamental systems of regulation
  6. Energy conduction in meridians
  7. Biophotons: a component of qi
  8. The umbilical regulating system
  9. Abdominal acupoints: the turtle system
  10. Additional abdominal points
  11. The eight abdominal regions (ba gua)
  12. New considerations related to the abdominal wall
  13. Indications and contraindications of abdominal acupuncture methods
  14. Rules for clinical application
  15. Clinical protocols


  1. Notes on umbilical anatomy
  2. Physical features of the umbilicus
  3. Yi medicine
  4. The ba gua in Yi medicine
  5. Functional relations between the umbilicus and the organ systems
  6. The celestial animals
  7. Shu-shu, ancient chinese mathematics
  8. The meanings of the ba gua symbols
  9. Ba gua and mandala: a possible combination
  10. The umbilical clock
  11. The umbilicus and the lunar phases
  12. The umbilicus and the six levels
  13. The yi globe – symbol of the microcosm
  14. How to locate the area of treatment
  15. He tu, lo shu and the eight trigrams
  16. Dai mai and energy circulation in he tu and lo shu
  17. Correlations between trigrams and numbers
  18. Qi microcosmic and macrocosmic circulation
  19. Yin and yang, ba gua and modern science



Gemma D' Angelo

Gemma D' Angelo

Gemma D’Angelo MD, is President of ASIAA – Scientific Association of Abdominal Acupuncture. President of AMADELL – Association of East Medical Acupuncturists. Board Member of FISA – Italian Federation of Acupuncture Societies

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