Xuan Guo-wei | Fan Rui-qiang

Acne and Alopecia CPCM

The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine CPCM

  • ISBN: 9787117098885
  • 2008, 249 pages


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This well-organized and comprehensive clinical series is characterized by important diseases, it provides detailed western disease information and Chinese clinical treatment effective for each specifi c disease.
These books also discuss, in detail, related quotes of classical TCM iterature and clearly narrate the modern clinical experience of renowned physicians, thus enabling the practitioner to become more adept at using Chinese medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases.

With contributions by Huang Young-liu, Wu Wei and others.
Translated by Xu Zhen-zhen, Wu Yuan-yuan, Wang Dong and Wang Yan.
Edited by Therese Hui.


Fan Rui-qiang

Fan Rui-qiang

Xuan Guo-wei

Xuan Guo-wei