Daniel Bensky | O´Connor-J.

Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text

by the Shanghai College of Traditional Medicine

  • ISBN: 9780939616008
  • 1981, 741 pages


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By the Shanghai College of Traditional Medicine, translated & edited by John O’Connor & Dan Bensky.
The introduction to this work covers each of the main elements of diagnosis and treatment.
The main body of text is a modern point reference developed by the Shanghai College of TCM, translated and edited by John O’Connor & Dan Bensky.
The work is organized by body area. This book was the first English language point reference for TCM acupuncture, a text that made it possible for the field to develop.
It is one of the handful of English-language texts to have been given scholarly recognition.
Since its translation into English in 1981, it has become a standard text used throughout the world.


Daniel Bensky

Daniel Bensky

Dan Bensky arbeitet seit über 30 Jahren als Lehrer und Übersetzer für ostasiatische Medizin und osteopathische Medizin. Seine Ausbildung umfasste ein Diplom in Chinesischer Medizin vom Macau Institut für Chinesische Medizin (1975), einen Doktor der Osteopathie vom Michigan State University College für Osteopathische Medizin (1982) und einen Ph.D. von der…