Ooi Thye Chong

Acupuncture for Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women

  • 2023, 224 pages


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Bridging the gap between Chinese medicine acupuncture and often unsatisfactory biomedical treatments, this authoritative and comprehensive work on pain management is one of the first of its kind. Chronic pelvic pain, often associated with various gynaecological conditions such as endometriosis and pelvic cramps, is estimated to affect one in seven women. Anxiety, depression and poor sleep quality also affect a significant number of these women. This comprehensive and timely book addresses the need for a drug-free, holistic method of immediate pain relief using Balance Method acupuncture, trigger point deactivation and the psycho-emotional perspective of the alchemical Five Element Method to treat anxiety and depression. Dr Chong focuses on a person-centred approach in this invaluable work, offering useful and effective tools for self-care, whether one is a practitioner or a patient.


Ooi Thye Chong

Ooi Thye Chong

Dr Ooi Thye Chong holds a doctorate from the University of Edinburgh, a master’s degree in public health from Columbia University, New York, a master’s degree in Chinese medicine (United States) and a bachelor’s degree with honours in social psychology from the University of Sussex (United Kingdom). She is a…

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