P.U. Unschuld | Li Shizhen

Ben cao gang mu Volume VIII

Clothes, Utensils, Worms, Insects, Amphibians, Animals with Scales

  • ISBN: 9780520379916
  • 2021, 968 pages


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The Ben cao gang mu books in this case Volume 8 offers a complete translation of chapters 38 through 46, devoted to clothes, utensils, worms, insects, amphibians, animals with scales, and animals with shells.
The Ben cao gang mu is a sixteenth-century Chinese encyclopedia of medical matter and natural history by Li Shizhen (1518–1593). The culmination of a sixteen-hundred-year history of Chinese medical and pharmaceutical literature, it is considered the most important and comprehensive book ever written in the history of Chinese medicine and remains an invaluable resource for researchers and practitioners. This nine-volume series reveals an almost two-millennia-long panorama of wide-ranging observations and sophisticated interpretations, ingenious manipulations, and practical applications of natural substances for the benefit of human health. Paul Unschuld’s annotated translation of the Ben cao gang mu, presented here with the original Chinese text, opens a rare window into viewing the people and culture of China’s past.


Li Shizhen

Li Shizhen

P.U. Unschuld

P.U. Unschuld

Prof. Dr. phil. Paul U. Unschuld ist Professor für Theorie, Geschichte und Ethik chinesischer Lebenswissenschaften sowie Direktor des 2006 gegründeten Horst-Görtz-Stiftungsinstituts im Centrum für Human- und Gesundheitswissenschaften der Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Von 1986 bis 2006 war er Vorstand des Instituts für Geschichte der Medizin an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. Er studierte in…

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