Sifu Hwang

Herbal Surgeon Immortal Cancer Care

Compiled from the writings of Zao Yi Zen

  • ISBN: 9780985102814
  • 2010, 257 pages


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Western methods for treating cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone treatment, and immune boosting treatments. Statistics show that these methods do not really work, especially for late stage cancer patients. Shifu Hwang introduces Chinese Taoist methods for treating cancer patients which were used 500 years ago. Great results have been seen when the Immortal Taoist formulas and methods are used on cancer patients today. Shifu Hwang is a Chuan Zen School Taoist. He believes in living the lifestyle of the Tao. He regards the Tao Te Ching as the most valuable guiding principal for human behavior. For three generations, the Hwang family has been dedicated to the research and practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine.They inherited many lost ancient medical scriptures. Herbal Surgeon is one of these lost scriptures.


Sifu Hwang

Sifu Hwang

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