Inflammation and the Seven Stochastic Events of Cancer

Editors: Janelle Wheat and Geoffrey Currie

  • ISBN: 9780646532813
  • 2010, 373 pages


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Daniel Weber wrote this book, Inflammation and the Seven Stochastic Events of Cancer.
The occurrence of tumors is a complex biological phenomenon, involving multiple factors, multiple bases, multiple procedures and multiple stages. This book systematically elaborates the seven stochastic (randomly predictable) events of cancer, and the close relation between inflammation and cancer. Though the relation between inflammation and cancer is clear according to current research, the potential mechanism of inflammation’s role in cancer is still unclear, and there are many questions left unanswered.
This book explores the role of inflammation in the occurrence and development of cancers, as well as its relationship to stress, angiogenesis, cell-to-cell communication, and metastasis. In particular, it introduces the applications of Chinese herbal medicine and their compounds to cancer and inflammation, and the mechanisms contributing to the integration of TCM and modern oncology medicine.