Stephen Birch

Introduction to Shonishin – Japanese pediatric acupuncture

  • 2012, video, 120 min.

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Dr. Stephen Birch, a brilliant teacher and writer with a lot of experience in pediatric acupuncture especially in Japanese Acupuncture and Shonishin shows why Shonishin is perfect for treatment for children and babies. He shows a treatment video how to treat babies and that there is no pain for the babie. He presents the treatment model for treating babies with Shonishin and gives a historical background in Chinese acupuncture, how it came to Japan and why it is perfect for treating children and babies. Then he shows how to diagnose babies as well as general treatment principles. Then he goes into the different treatment levels and shows treatment approaches by presenting some video sequences. You will see needling techniques, Shonishin tools (stroking tools) and home treatments for parents. Later he presents several case studies and explains symptoms and the therapy in detail. This video gives you a great feeling how Shonishin works and a good impression if this could be integrated in your practice and if you want to take classes in this.

Introduction to Shonishin – Japanese pediatric acupuncture is a presentation by Birch at the ASA congress 2012.
video, 120 min., englisch


Stephen Birch

Stephen Birch

Dr. Stephen Birch arbeitet seit 1982 mit der japanischen Akupunktur. Er studierte in Japan bei Yoshio Manaka und anderen berühmten Toyohari-Lehrern. Als Dozent unterrichtet er in USA, Großbritannien, Deutschland und Niederlande. Er betreibt in den Niederlanden mit seiner Frau eine Praxis und arbeitet eng mit Kiko Matsumoto zusammen, eine der…