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Laser Acupuncture and Laser Ear Acupuncture

The book for practitioners

  • ISBN: 9783000308600
  • 2024, app. 160 pages


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Today, laser acupuncture is more than just a variant of classic acupuncture with metal needles.
For some years now, research into laser acupuncture has been attracting attention with a steady stream of new high-calibre studies.
Today, laser acupuncture is an original, independent and unrivalled therapy method. This book is for practitioners of laser acupuncture. We present:
• The science behind laser acupuncture
• The advantages it offers
• The unique possibilities of laser acupuncture, such as frequency augmentation
• Detailed frequency profiles of Nogier frequencies, organ frequencies and powerful new therapeutic frequencies (COLLL)
• Effective laser acupuncture treatment protocols for body and ear acupuncture

In the practical section of the book you will find well-tested treatment instructions for the following therapeutic domains:
• Musculoskeletal system
• Nervous system
• Internal organs
• Urinary system
• Reproductive system
• Endocrine system
• Dental system
• Psyche
Therapists who already use laser acupuncture will discover unknown potential. Newcomers will find everything they need.






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