Füchtenbusch-A. | Rosin-P.

Laser Therapy and Laser Puncture in Dogs and Cats

Treatment Plans

  • ISBN: 9783000308086
  • 3. ed. 2015, 168 pages


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Laser Therapy and Laser Puncture in Dogs and Cats shows that the laser therapy is a scientifically recognized treatment method which has proven itself over decades and is today being increasingly and successfully applied in the treatment of small animals.
The authors Anja Füchtenbusch und Peter Rosin explain that the low level laser therapy is used locally for tissue regeneration, wound healing and pain alleviation. But it is also suitable for the stimulation of reflex, trigger and acupuncture points.
They complement each other to form an extremely effective combination therapy providing veterinarians with acces to regulative treatment methods, wich would otherwise often not be tolerated by the animal.
This book is a practical guide and provide a rapid and practical introduction to laser therapy.
In addition to a brief outline of how it works, tried and tested treatment plans for the most important indications in dogs and cats are set out in a compact, easily understood and clear manner.
Peter Rosin, a pioneer in holistic veterinary medicine with over 20 years of experience in laser therapy and laser puncture in the treatment of small animals provides his complete knowledge.