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A Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners

  • ISBN: 9781739130800
  • 2023, 450 pages


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This book about Menopause provides practitioners a comprehensive guide to menopause and the years that follow, bringing together modern biomedical research and ancient wisdom to provide practitioners with an integrated approach to treatment.

The text is largely based on the teachings of renowned and highly-experienced traditional Chinese and East Asian medicine (TCEAM) practitioners, including Suzanne Cochrane, Brian Grosam, Honora Lee Wolfe, Giovanni Maciocia, Rebecca Avern, Peter Deadman, Anastacïa White, Julian Scott, and Bob Flaws. It includes information provided by experts in related fields such as Bruce Robinson, M.D., and naturopathic nutritionist Susan Kath.

The physiology of menopause is discussed from both eastern and western perspectives, pattern differentiation, and treatment frameworks for some of the most common menopausal symptoms as well as in-depth lifestyle and self-care advice. A variety of conditions that frequently affect women following menopause are also described.

About the Authors
Menopause: More Than an Evolutionary Quirk?
SECTION 1: Introduction
SECTION 2: The Biology of Menopause
SECTION 3: Menopause in TCEAM
SECTION 4: Symptoms and Treatment
SECTION 5: Lifestyle
SECTION 6: Diet and Nutrition
SECTION 7: Self-Care
SECTION 8: Appendices

A magnificent compendium of TCM and five element approaches to promoting patient wellness during and after the menopausal transition. The authors convey an extraordinary amount of biomedical and TEAM information in concise, manageable bites that will be easy to re-reference in clinic. Tables and illustrations are plentiful, attractively presented, and extremely helpful. In particular the practitioner who is interested in women’s health, but has not been seeing optimal results with standard TCM approaches, can reasonably expect to level up in their effectiveness with peri- and postmenopausal patients after studying with this book.
—Lisa Nicholson and Claudia Citkovitz, The Journal of Chinese Medicine

The textbook practitioners of traditional Chinese and East Asian medicine (TCEAM) have been waiting for – a comprehensive, evidence-based guide on treating menopause. Includes not only chapters that provide detailed information for western medical background, TCEAM perspectives and practical clinical applications for diagnosis and treatment, but also information on diet, self-care, and a menopause “toolkit.” TCEAM has a valuable contribution to make in women’s health care and this text allows practitioners the opportunity to be fully informed and offer treatment with confidence.
—Debra Betts, New Zealand

This textbook is an ‘encyclopedia’ of everything we need to know about menopause. It demonstrates the immense value of traditional Chinese and East Asian medicine for menopausal health and includes diagnosis, treatment and self-care. It is a comprehensivebook that will fully equip every practitioner to treat. It is likely to become a classic.
—Angela Hicks, United Kingdom


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