Mysteries of the Ear

Secrets of Well-Being

  • ISBN: 9781614284642
  • 2016, 224 pages


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Since ancient times, the human outer ear, or auricle, has been considered a tool for healing, corroborated by recent scientific research. Various points on the auricle serve a double function, providing information on the condition of the internal organs and other parts of the body, while at the same time serving as a control panel that makes it possible to change the settings when there is a malfunction. Rather like a computer keyboard connected to a computer network, the outer ear is connected to the entire central nervous system, pressing on one of the auricle’s keys affects the programming of the organism’s self-regulatory system.

Renowned European acupuncturist Dr. Nadia Volf, author of the Joël Robuchon cookbook Food & Life, and creator of the Auricular Causative Diagnostic method, passionately delivers the secrets of her art in this presentation of her science of auriculotherapy, inherited from ancient Chinese knowledge. A new title in one of Assouline’s earliest series, Mysteries of the Ear has a very simple goal: to reveal the extraordinary powers of the auricular points, making it possible to provide relief for everyday ailments.

This essay reveals the powers of the auricular points and teaches how to ease everyday ailments. —
Livres Hebdo, France