Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation

Simple to Advanced and Experimental Techniques

  • ISBN: 9781603584555
  • 2014, 400 pages


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Organic Mushroom Farmin and Mycoremediation shows you what would it take to grow mushrooms in space? This book from Tradd Cotter explains us how cultivation can help us manage, or at least make use of, invasive species and thereby reduce dependence on herbicides? Cotter explains us tha is possible to develop a low-cost and easy-to-implement mushroom-growing kit that would provide high-quality edible protein and bioremediation in the wake of a natural disaster. He also explains us how we can advance our understanding of morel cultivation so that growers stand a better chance of success?
For more than twenty years, mycologist Tradd Cotter has been pondering these questions and researching for answers. In his book, Cotter offers readers an in-depth exploration of best organic mushroom cultivation practices, for both indoor and outdoor growing of a wide variety of species. Cotter shares also insight into his groundbreaking research on challenges such as cultivation morels, training mycelium to respond to specific contaminants, and perpetuating spawn on cardboard without the use of electricity.
For those who aspire to the self-sufficiency gained by generating and expanding spawn rather than purchasing it, Cotter covers lab techniques, including low-cost alternatives that make use of existing infrastructures and materials.
You will also discover information on making an antibacterial mushroom cutting board and growing mushrooms on old denim jeans.
Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation is more than a cultivation guide, Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation is about healing the people and the planet, one mushroom and one cultivator at a time, reversing destructive cycles into creative forces.
The author urges readers to think with an opportunistic yet minimalistic approach, much like a mushroom, taking what it needs to survive and then returning resources to its ecosystem.
Geared toward readers who want to grow mushrooms without the use of pesticides, Cotter takes organic one step further by introducing and entirely new way of thinking. He is one that looks at the potential to grow mushrooms on just about anything, just about anywhere, and by anyone.