Peter Deadman

Qigong: Cultivation of Body, Breath & Mind

  • Publisher: Deadman
  • ISBN: 9781399968638
  • 2024, 196 pages + 42 videos


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Two years of writing and nearing completion. This new book looks at the underlying philosophies and the history of the many Chinese practices that come together under the broad umbrella of the term Qigong. It draws on both the traditional wisdom and the modern understanding of the cultivation of the body, the breath and the mind. There are also links to dozens of videos that demonstrate a wide range of qigong practices.


Drawing on his 50 years of training in Chinese medicine, Peter Deadman has crafted a rich, comprehensive, and timely book on qigong. Written and laid out beautifully, it comprehensively and insightfully weaves together its core principles, its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and culture, the scientific evidence of its many therapeutic benefits, and a practical set of training skills including links to multiple online training programs. This book is an invaluable resource both for those wish to begin to learn about qigong, as well as those who are already deeply committed to these practices.
Peter Wayne, PhD., Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Author of Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi

With this book and accompanying videos, people will learn authentic qigong and will develop the capacity to judge whether any instruction they receive elsewhere
is solid, legitimate and grounded in East Asiens rich and profound health culture.
Peter Deadman has written THE qigong book, a work that is as encyclopedic as
it is practical, as wise as it is humorous, and as rooted in science as it is
steeped in ancient common sense.
Kaz Wegmuller, Author, Acupuncture for Curious People


Peter Deadman

Peter Deadman

Peter Deadman studied acupuncture at the International College of Oriental Medicine in England and then completed postgraduate training in Nanjin, PR China. He is editor of the internationally renowned Journal of Chinese Medicine and co-author of A Manual of Acupuncture, an important textbook on acupuncture points. Deadman has been a…

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