Shamanism in Chinese Medicine

Applying Ancient Wisdom to Health and Healing

  • ISBN: 9781805010128
  • 2020, 368 pages


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Shamanism and TCM

This engaging, highly anticipated book compellingly describes healing techniques of Chinese shamanism while respecting the tradition.

CT Holman, a medically trained and licensed clinician of over 20 years, clearly explains how Chinese shamanism can be seamlessly woven into modern lifestyle and contemporary medical practices. He explores effective methods to address physical pathologies and emotional imbalances by applying shamanic-influenced techniques including visualizations, verbal healing and shamanic drumming, among others for self-care and medical treatment. The primary resource for the material presented originates from the author’s intensive decade-long study under shamanic teacher, Master Zhongxian Wu.

Here a quote from CT Holman: “The term wu can be translated as shaman. My interpretation of shaman is one who aligns with the universal energy, observes the rhythms of nature, extrapolates the connections between the natural world and body physiology, works with Shen (spirit) to bring health and healing and teaches this universal knowledge to others. The term shaman is controversial. In this book it represents the spirit-based diagnostic and treatment methods transmitted from ancient China to contemporary practice. Some might argue that this is a very broad definition of shamanism. But based on my years of research, study and practice of techniques based on the ancient wisdom of China, I chose the term shamanism to invoke an awareness of the spiritual side of Chinese medicine.”

Several color illustrations and before-and-after patient photos are included that beautifully depict the spirit-based diagnostics and treatments. Incorporating numerous clinical examples and thoroughly researched procedures, this book teaches practitioners how to combine treatments – concentrating on the spirit and soul – with modern medicine to treat the whole person and enrich their practice.
This enlightening book is a must-read for Chinese medicine practitioners, other medical professionals and non-professionals interested in the subject.




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