Dolma Mikschal Johanison

The Beginner’s Guide to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

Introduction to the eight extraordinary vessels

  • ISBN: 9781787758315
  • 2021, 240 pages


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This book introduces the eight extraordinary vessels for acupuncturists. It includes theory and history, as well as practical application to acupuncture practice demonstrated through case studies. Sections on common problems particularly suited to eight extraordinary vessel treatment, such as fertility, depression and emotional problems are included.
Chapter One – Preliminaries
Chapter Two – Theoretical Considerations
Chapter Three – Procedure
Chapter Four – Diagnostic Protocols
Chapter Five – The Vessels
Chapter Six – Versatile Points
Chapter Seven – The Role of the Triple Burner
Chapter Eight – Spiritual Axis and Spiritual Deficiency
Chapter Nine – Eight Extraordinary Pulses
Chapter Ten – The Psychology of Emotion
Chapter Eleven – Clinical Applications Specific to Conception & Fertility
Chapter Twelve – The Art of Pairing
Chapter Thirteen – Microcosmic Orbit of the Ren & Du Mai Vessels
Chapter Fourteen – Having Faith
Chapter Fifteen – Different Styles
Chapter Sixteen – A Lucid Account
Chapter Seventeen – Case Studies
Chapter Eighteen – Concluding Remarks
Appendix A – Illustrations


Dolma Mikschal Johanison

Dolma Mikschal Johanison

Dolma Mikschal Johanison has a doctorate degree in Acupuncture, and practices Acupuncture in Maryland (USA). Passionate about the health of both mind and body, Dolma is a dedicated practitioner of meditation, self-awareness and balanced living. Se has served as a board member for Buddhist organizations, and has held key committee…

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