M. R. Cohen

The Chinese Medicine Companion

A Modern Guide to Ancient Healing

  • ISBN: 9781592339891
  • 2020, 176 pages


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Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the most ancient healing systems, yet modern science is showing that it endures as a powerful healing modality for today’s world. A condensed version of The New Chinese Medicine Handbook, The Chinese Medicine Companion explains the key principles of this holistic healing method.
Written by Dr. Misha Ruth Cohen, an internationally recognized practitioner, lecturer, and mentor in the field of Chinese medicine, this essential volume explains the most common treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine including:
• Acupuncture
• Qi Gong
• Herbal therapy
• Dietary practices
• Nutrition
The Chinese Medicine Companion keeps esoteric information to need to know basics giving you a practical guide to achieving total health in body, mind, and spirit.


M. R. Cohen

M. R. Cohen

Dr. Misha Ruth Cohen, O.M.D., LAC. is an internationally recognized practitioner, lecturer, leader, and mentor in the field of Chinese medicine.

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