The Spirit of the Blood

Interpreting Laboratory Tests Through the Lens of Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9781839970535
  • 2022, 272 pages


Delivery time: Erscheint/Publication Aug 2022


The book transcends the view of classical Chinese medicine as a complement to allopathic Western medicine and opens the way for the two systems to become co-creative partners in an exploration of the vast mystery of embodiment. Lorie Eve Dechar, Author of Five Spirits, Alchemy of inner work and Kigo.

Are you good in interpreting and evaluating lab results especially from a point of view of Traditional Chinese medicine? Randine Lewis shares her expert know how and combines insights of Western medicine with Chinese medicine and biomedical results, consolidating both in a grounded and clear approach that allows practitioners to remain true to core Oriental principles around the basis of disease and healing.
Each section highlights pertinent Chinese medical physiology and how pathophysiologic states develop, allowing readers to hone their treatment plans. It encourages practitioners to ease away from the fear-based mindset found in some western medicinal approaches and to focus on the treatment and understanding of subtle imbalances before they are evident in the blood.

Foreword by Jeffrey Yuan

Hamid Montakab MD, author of Sleep and Dreams in Chinese Medicine; Acupuncture Channel and Point Energetics; Chinese Medicine Revisited; Acupuncture for Headaches, Eyes and ENT pathologies; Acupuncture for Treating the Hidden Roots of Disease says about the book: “As a Western allopathic physician, I would have never imagined to interpret such a wealth of information in a simple blood panel! “Spirit of Blood”, is an artful blend of the Chinese classical concepts and Western medical practices. Aside from being an extremely valuable clinical aid, it is imbued by the author’s authenticity and spiritual search. Simply excellent!”

Focus of the book will be on the most common medical conditions that bring patients to clinic and evaluating how popular pharmaceuticals impact Chinese medicine patterns.


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