The Therapeutic Relationship in Acupuncture

Foreword by Dan Bensky

  • ISBN: 9791280903013
  • 2023, 432 pages


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In her book, Elisa Rossi refers to the classical texts of Chinese Medicine, drawing on their depth and perceptiveness of the relationship side of acupuncture, she re-examines this material from a contemporary perspective, introducing studies in communication, clinical interviews, empathy and therapeutic alliance. Using a collection of over 60 clinical cases, she presents the difficulties encountered and possible solutions in a variety of areas, covering how to conduct a session and regulate the setting, the use of silence and words, managing emotions and co-creating changes in dysfunctional behaviour. The book is completed with essays contributed by 15 colleagues operating on the international stage, who set out their personal narratives and reflections on healing encounters in acupuncture.

Foreword by Dan Bensky
Preface by Franco Cracolici

Part 1

Chapter 1 Foundation elements of the therapeutic relationship
Chapter 2 The place and time of therapy
Chapter 3 The clinical encounter
Chapter 4 Mental disorders and the therapeutic relationship
Appendix 1 Dsm-5 and the most common disorders in an acupuncture clinic
Appendix 2 Therapeutic use of emotions in classical texts
Appendix 3 Classical bibliography

Part 2

The therapeutic relationship in specific fields
The therapeutic relationship in personal experience


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