The Uncharted Body (Softcover)

A Textbook of Medicine (revised edition)

  • ISBN: 9781999314309
  • 2018, 350 pages


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There is a hidden and invisible world inside our bodies, which runs on energy. Within our every cell lives mitochondria, power generators with an electric current strong enough to create a spark of molecular energy. The mitochondria donate these power molecules to each of our cells, which in turn use them to generate further electricity to drive their machinery.

The electricity does not top there. It organises and powers the brain and heart. It moves our muscles and bowels and pulses within each nerve. It lies delicately balanced across the membranes of the liver, spleen, and kidney, lubricating their functions and driving their mechanisms. It moves in channels in the body and concentrates in nodes. Electricity is the energy of our lives.
When it goes wrong it can cause chaos, catastrophe, and even death. It can rebel, or lie silent and stagnant. It can drive cells mad and turn them cancerous, make organs malfunction, or make us cry out in pain. Trying to make sense of the human body without understanding this primal energy, and the huge intelligence that drives it, would be like looking inside an unplugged computer and believing you can decipher it.

The Uncharted Body will open that Universe to you showing you how to read it, understand it, and correct it, bringing the world of Chinese medicine, blinking, into the 21st century. It is the body re-described and re-charted from the bottom up, through a world of energy rather than a mechanistic description of parts, and a window into the mysterious world of qi (pronounced chi) hat has governed acupuncture practice for millennia.
This book will radically transform your view of the human body. It is, in short, a new textbook of medicine in softcover format.


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