Yoann Birling

Treating Insomnia with Chinese Medicine

A Synthesis of Clinical Experience

  • ISBN: 9781839972300
  • 2022, 288 pages


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How to treat sleeping problems with TCM

The treatment of insomnia as a disease is very often approached from either a Western psychological and medicinal perspective or a Chinese medicine point of view. But this clinical practice book blends both approaches and allows acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners the opportunity to provide an integrated treatment plan that also addresses the management of co-morbidities.

The first half of this book presents the latest knowledge and research around insomnia from the perspective of Western medicine and psychology whilst.
In the second part of the book it shows a synthesis of over 500 clinical experience reports published by Chinese medicine clinicians. The latter part provides a focus on diagnostic approaches, treatment modalities and the therapeutic aspects clinicians should consider in their treatment of insomnia, all modified depending on the season, the location and the sociodemographic features of the patient.
This is a comprehensive yet accessible guide which includes word clouds to allow the reader to grasp complex information quickly and simple diagrams to illustrate complex information.


Yoann Birling

Yoann Birling

Yoann Birling is a clinician, passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of his patients. He tries to find alternatives for people who suffer from chronic conditions. With 18 he went to China to search for medical knowledge. After 10 years in the most reputed Chinese medicine university in China…

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