Brian Grosam

Understanding and Treating Hot Flashes in Menopause

with Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9781787755383
  • 2021, 352 pages


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Chinese medicine and menopause

Understanding and Treating Hot Flashes in Menopause with Chinese Medicine is the first book in history to be written on the subject. This book combines Chinese medicine concepts with current Western medicine frameworks of science and understanding of patho-mechanisms for a contemporary treatment approach to hot flashes in menopause.

Dr Grosam explores both Western biomedicine – including the roles of estrogen and neurotransmitters – and Chinese medicine historical theory to provide an up-to-date understanding of hot flashes and menopausal transition. Exploring current treatments in Western medicine as well as acupuncture and herbs, he presents a complete evaluation of how modern treatment strategies can be improved through an integrated approach.

Allowing for a deeper understanding of the causes of hot flashes in menopause, this book opens doors to fresh approaches and treatment strategies for women’s healthcare practitioners from both branches of medicine.


Brian Grosam

Brian Grosam

Dr. Brian Grosam works as an acupuncturist in Hopkins, MN. He treats his patients on the concepts of oriental medicine. As an acupuncturists he complete his evaluations by getting a patient history and viewing and touching the body. Then, they place very fine acupuncture needles into specific points on the…

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