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Acupuncture books for therapists

Acupuncture is a wide application of TCM. If you are in training, you need acupuncture points (Acupuncture Atlas) to learn the point localization. These include primarily acupuncture books such as Deadman’s Handbook Acupuncture or the Acupuncture Atlas of Focks or Hecker. Acupuncture books on the meridian or channels  also provide important access to the understanding of acupuncture points and organ relationships (zang fu). With increasing acupuncture practice, peripheral areas such as acu-taping, acupressure, cupping, gua sha or moxibustion are gradually being developed. Especially the ear acupuncture is an incredibly exciting area. The balance method (Tung-style acupuncture by Ross and Mccann) and the Japanese acupuncture (for example from Matsumoto/Euler or Yamamoto) are extremely effective for pain acupuncture. There are many special segments such as hand, mouth or skull acupuncture. These can be found in the field of body acupuncture.

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